Myrolion was awarded a Silver Standard of Excellence for its high polyphenol concentration in Olympia Awards for Health and Nutrition, organized by the World Olive Center for Health.

This year’s polyphenol concentration of 529mg per kilogram of olive oil is the highest our family’s olive oil has achieved to this point. This concentration is 111% higher than the minimum requirement of 250mg per kilogram of olive oil, which provides protection of blood lipids against oxidative stress, according to EU Regulation 432/2012.

The beneficial effects for an olive oil with 250mg of polyphenols per kilogram are obtained with a daily intake of 20 grams of olive oil (approximately 1 + 1/2 tablespoons). However, since Myrolion has 111% more polyphenols than that, the beneficial effects are obtained with 10 grams of Myrolion.

Double the nutrition, double the value! Myrolion provides optimal value since it combines a very high polyphenol concentration with exceptional, balanced flavor and aromas. Myrolion provides major health benefits while being very tasty and easy to consume.

Besides the certified protection of blood lipids against oxidative stress, olive oil polyphenols have many other health benefits as well.

This award is both a recognition of our family’s hard work and a guarantee that our family will keep working hard and smart to deliver even higher value for our customers and friends in the future.

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