Our Land's
Mythology & History

Our olive oil works to preserve the cultural essence of our land just as it does the unique flavor of the olive fruit.

Othrys and the Titans

According to Greek Mythology, Othrys was the Titans’ version of Olympus. During the Titanomachy, the Titans launched huge rocks and trees from the summits of Othrys and Pelion against Olympus.

Because Othrys is home to the Titans, many infer that local populations chose to stick close to their Titanic roots and resisted the religious usurpation of Olympus’ gods and goddesses.

Achilleion, Land of Achilles

Achilleon was named for Achilles, a famous Greek hero and leader of the Myrmidons.

Athanasios learned from his grandmother what she had been taught decades before: this site was the natural harbor from which Achilles and his Myrmidons set sail for Troy.

As a child, Athanasios remembers stumbling upon ancient ruins during daily exploration of the groves – Mycenaean arched tombs, ancient stone wells, even the pre-Olympian temple dedicated to Nymphs.

The Middle Ages

The area was the only harbor in the Pagasetic Gulf that did not belong to the Turks in the thirteenth century A.D., and was the main reason for the 260-year conflict between the Venetians, Genovese and Catalans.

The Recent History

Much later, Mount Othrys became the main fortress for fighting partisans during the Nazi occupation of World War II. Proud tales of these rough eras echo strongly within our family. Our land’s mythology and history is reflected through our exquisite High PhenolicOrganicExtra Virgin Myrolion.

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