Myrolion's Olive Groves

What is the olive tree variety of Myrolion’s trees?
What about the microclimate?
What is our trees’ ancient secret?

Organic Olive grove with blooming flowers

Amfissa Variety

Myrolion’s olive trees belong to the local Amfissa, or Voliotiki or Pelion, variety.

Trees of this variety can grow tall, over 10 meters, and produce fleshy, round olives, with unique characteristics.

Myrolion Olive oil. Greek Organic High Phenolic EVOO

Intense Olive Grove Terrain

Our trees enjoy a variety of microclimates thanks to the intense relief of our olive groves.

You can find them enjoying the warm sun a few meters from the sea, quenching their thirst on a valley or you could listen to their leaves’ rustling while air passes through our estate’s 350-meter-high hill.

Our Trees Connect Us to Our Past

In Myrolion’s estate every generation has left its footprint by planting new olive trees.

As a result our olive trees age from 40 years to over 800 years old. These, older than the Greek state, trees are a living bond we have with our distant ancestors.

And we hope our distant descendants will be enjoying the fruit of the olives Athanasios, Vangelis and Ioanna planted.

Myrolion Family Produces fresh pressed olive oil
Playing hide and seek among the trees, while harvesting olive fruit.

We Follow Solon’s Advice

In contrast to most modern producers our trees enjoy a distance of approximately 9 meters from each other, just as Solon suggested thousands of years ago.

This way, each tree doesn’t need to stress over securing resources from neighboring ones, leading to the production of pure olive fruit and we also don’t need to over fertilize our groves with chemicals.


This is our land:

golden, pure, ancient.
We offer you all this essence in a single bottle.


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