Our organic, Extra Virgin olive oil is here for 2018-2019!

Another harvesting and pressing period is over for our family in Myrolion and it was a rather tough one.

This year the whole region of Magnesia was hit by a severe lack of olive fruit yields since last winter was not ideal for the natural cycle of the olive trees; this is a direct result of climate change. Also, lower yields didn’t mean less work, since we have to harvest every tree, we just received smaller amounts of olive fruit.

Another problem was the severe infestation of the majority of the Mediterranean regions by the olive fruit fly. For us, this translated to more work, to locate and remove infected olives, and to yield loss, since quite a few olives were already lost by the time of harvesting.

Despite the increased level of difficulty this year, we still managed to create our Organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and will be glad to share it with our friends abroad. Next steps to follow; Filtration and Bottling.

Most importantly, we had fun!

Our trees express themselves in unique ways and we try to minimally affect that.


Stopping time during the most intense moments is almost magical.


It looks like a battle and to some certain extent, it is.


A butterfly working next to us. Our organic practices allow nature to keep working next to us, while we do the same.


Playing hide and seek among the trees.


Athanasios is smiling and why wouldn’t he?


Shinny olives waiting to be picked.


Athanasios Harvesting


Yianna removing branches and leaves.


It looks relaxing but it’s one of the most crucial procedures.


Removing branches, inferior olives and any potential foreign bodies.


Our liquid gold, having the chance to taste it as it comes out is a true privilege.


Special thanks to our friends and neighbors, Helias, Vaso and Odysseus, who helped us harvest and to Petros for the beautiful photos (and some funny harvesting).