Olive Oil Polyphenols Research

Aristoil Project

Aristoil is a research program that connected olive oil producers with researchers to unlock the secrets of olive oil polyphenols. Our family, along with another 3000 olive oil producers throughout Europe, received data-driven consultation towards developing consistently polyphenol rich olive oil, from 2016 to 2019.

In exchange, our olive farm provided important data related to climate, cultivar, cultivation, olive oil extraction and storage. This allowed researchers to develop well-documented best practices for the production of olive oil with a high phenolic content. By following these best practices we are now able to provide olive oil of increased nutritional value that boosts the well-being of consumers worldwide.

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Case Study #1: Journal of Molecular Liquids

Myrolion was used as the EVOO ingredient in an extra virgin olive oil-water nanoemulsion that carried D3 vitamin and calcium citrate.

The composite liquid was stable and shows great potential as a food supplement against oxidative stress and vitamin D deficiency. 

Myrolion’s high phenolic profile successfully provided the antioxidative properties needed.

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Case Study #2: Nanomaterials Journal

Myrolion was used as the EVOO ingredient to create nanoemulsions of EVOO droplets dispersed in water and nanoemulsion based hydrogel. 

The structures were then used to store and deliver D vitamin and curcumin.

The composites were stable for at least 60 days of storage and have potential as food supplements that could deliver a plethora of nutrients to patients with deficiencies.

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