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Our family’s most precious creation is now available in selected charming spots in Denmark.

Myrolion is Organic, you need not worry about harmful chemical compounds sneaking into your meals, as pesticides are absent during cultivation and pressing processes.  Instead, we choose to employ natural and age-old techniques.

It is Extra Virgin. With extremely low acidity and aromatic delectability, Myrolion will only encourage a healthy diet. Our olive oil is cold-pressed, obtained directly from olives, using solely mechanical means.

It is even High-Phenolic! High concentrations of Oleocanthal and Oleacein turn our olive oil into a great way to brace yourself against oxidative stress, among other health benefits such as cardioprotective and neuroprotective activity. As a result, Myrolion is award winning as well. Our family was awarded with a Bronze Standard of Excellence in the Olympia Awards for Health and Nutrition, on May 11th 2017, after the tests conducted by the National University of Athens! Myrolion also bears a Health Claim for 2020 according to which, the beneficial effects are to be gained with a daily intake of 20g of our olive oil!

Where can you find Myrolion?

Wherever you can find Stig’s Oliven, one of Denmark’s most experienced professionals when it comes to pure, natural Mediterranean food.


  1. Kulinarisk Sydfyn Food Market, Svendborg, only for the weekend 24th-25th of June!
  2. Copenhagen, Torvehallerne Food Market, daily.
  3. Rønne, Store torv and Svaneke torv outdoor markets, every Saturday.
  4. Torvehal Bornholm Food Market in Rønne, from the 1st of July and on.

Feel free to taste Myrolion and let us know what you think.

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