We teamed up with 20 universities, research centers and companies to create a new agricultural paradigm for olive farms and vineyards in the Mediterranean. We focus on innovative smart farming and sustainable practices that safeguard biodiversity.

Novaterra Project



NOVATERRA stands for “Integrated Novel Strategies for Reducing the Use and Impact of Pesticides, towards Sustainable Mediterranean Vineyards and Olive Groves.”

It is a four-year research and innovation project and it is partially funded by the EU, after receiving a HORIZON 2020 grant. 

NOVATERRA aims to create new systems, practices and products for olive and vine farmers to create more and better food, in a secure and sustainable way. 

Which are the Challenges?

Through NOVATERRA, Myrolion takes on a plethora of challenges.

Increasing Population

How are we going to provide more healthy food securely without expanding farmlands?

Climate Crisis

How are we going to minimize the environmental impact of farming and hopefully make it positive?


How are we going to create a modern olive farming model that small farmers, like us, will be able to replicate?

How We Improve Olive Farming?

We no longer see farmland as a lifeless system that has no capabilities of its own. Nature has her own way of managing imbalances. By observing and understanding Nature’s synergies we are able to utilize them to our benefit. In addition, we utilize modern technology, software and equipment that allow as to intervene minimally, without burdening the ecosystem. 


Precision Farming

Access to real-time monitoring technology allows us to proceed with very high intervention accuracy. 


We avoid overfertilization that leads to environmental degradation. Through robotics and IoT, we are now able to spot the exact problem.


Natural Protection Products

NOVATERRA researchers are working to develop natural, innovative plant protection products.


This leads to reduced impact on non-target organisms that could be beneficial. This leads to an increased biodiversity and overall natural balance and security.


Soil Management

By understanding soil biology we are able to greatly benefit Mediterranean farms and minimize expenses.


By adding the plant soil microbiome in the equation we learn how to minimize input, maximize output and protect biodiversity in the process.

You Shape the World.

You, the consumer, can decide how the future of farming, nutrition and the environment will look like, through the choices you make. Thanks to you our family is now able to invest in our common future. Thank you. If you just found out about us, join our cause today.

Official EU Flag - NOVATERRA Project is funded by the EU
The NOVATERRA project has received funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 grant agreement number 101000554.